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About us

Agrocos Cropscience LLP is a distributor of Agrochemicals with products catering for Fungicide and Herbicide.

Agrocos is rapidly growing Agrochemicals distribution company.

At Agrocos, we believe in consistent and sustainable growth based on broad tool box of competencies and technologies.

Our objective is to accomplish customer satisfaction by delivering quality products in timely manner with transparency with Customers.

Our Products


  • Difenoconazole (CAS# 119446-68-3)
  • Propiconazole (CAS# 60207-90-1)
  • Prothioconazole (CAS# 178928-70-6)
  • Kresoxim methyl (CAS# 143390-89-0)
  • Carbendazim (CAS# 10605-21-7)
  • Metconazole (CAS# 125116-23-6)


  • Flufenacet (CAS# 142459-58-3)
  • Quinclorac (CAS# 84087-01-4)
  • Quinmerac (CAS# 90717-03-6)
  • Clethodim (CAS# 99129-21-2)
  • Metribuzin (CAS# 21087-64-9)

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